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Hey D Good morning. So, left the building last night and stopped in my tracks. Ripley was gone from out front. Tim moved her at some point yesterday over to Sapperton in Barry's yard. She's sitting peacefully under a tree. :( I'm actually getting a little teary-eyed about it all. My sweet girl! Oh Lord.
What am I doing? Saving her? Getting a worry-free new car? Looking for a decent used car? Jeebus, I definitely need some level-headed guidance! *deep sigh!* R.I.P. Ripley. Or if possible, maybe we can get a little bit of money back for her to put toward a couple of new 'kicks? I'd like to give Tim most of the money so he can get himself a reliable trip-outta-town one. Not a who-knows-how-long-she'll-last one.
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This was on a friend's facebook page and I wanted to share it.

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This was in my horoscope this morning.....

If you were guaranteed not to fail, what would you do?

Why is it still scratching at my frontal lobe?

So, how about you? What would you do?

In other more important news. *squee* I am so excited about THIS!!!
I stumblingly read the French books when I was little. I loved Tintin and his dog Milou (aka in English as Snowy) and the rest of the characters when I was a kid. I'msoexcited!!! *squee*
I might break down and actually go to a movie theatre for the first time possibly in over a year to see it!!! Who's with me????
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A few friends of mine have been doing this for years. Maybe more people should start?

gacked from [personal profile] kriski
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Has anybody seen anything on FOX's "American Horror Story"? [made by the co-creators of "Nip/Tuck" & "Glee"...interesting combination]
Is it going to be good? Is it going to be gone after six episodes? I want it to be good.
I need one of our local stations to pick it up!
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Have old valises or suitcases stacked up in the attic or the basement? Ever think about recycling them? Breathe new life into your old dusty Samsonite or American Tourister. Take a look at some of these 'refurbished pieces that Crookedbrains has "assembled". I might have a new hobby in my future.

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|||Was on a much more even keel today emotionally. Thank you LJ/DWers for letting me release some of my angst. It was nice to not have a threatening lump in my throat or a steady burning in my eyes from unshed tears all day.

|||Why do I only think of stinging come-backs hours after I'm smacked by an insult?!?
I'll preface this with I'm a *ahem* Plus-size "Rubenesque" woman. So are many other women in this city, OKAY! This woman walked by me this afternoon and said "Hey, Jenny Craig might work." And kept strolling on her merry way while I felt the wind get kicked out of me. Is it me or was that a mean, bitchy, mean, did I mention MEAN thing to say? What a mean bitch. I am having cards made up so I can hand them out to dip-sticks like her that would say something like: "This would be the best come-back ever, but I'm not sure you're smart enough to get it." PS. eatshitanddie!" I'm open to suggestions if you feel like contributing to my come-back deck. *grrrrrr*

|||So, is this kind of weird? My teeth don't 'fit' together like they used to.
I dusted off dug out my night guard and it doesn't fit anymore.
Can grinding your teeth move them enough to change your 'bite'?
//crickets....I did ask if it was weird.

|||And how about this season's shows? I haven't seen many.
Are there any MUST SEEs in the bunch?
Is "Terra Nova" going to tank after six episodes?
Is "Persons of Interest" worth investing time in?
Is "Charlie's Angels" canceled yet?!? (no offenses to fans)

|||Oh, and a couple of 'happys' today.
I left work fifteen minutes early and the sun was shining. (minus the mean bitchy bitch moment).
I mailed off DVDs to Bridezilla and her sister and no longer have to see them sitting on my desk.
I tried the new Tim Horton's Maple French Toast Cinnamon Bagel, and I think I like it.

|||Wanna fill out a poll? (gonna try and remember how to put things behind a cut tag....)

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Well today I'm still keeping the "happy" thing going.

I'm happy it was bright and sunny today but not so hot you felt like you were going to melt.
I'm happy that I had foresight to make spice bars on the weekend and had some to nibble on when I got home after work. :o)
I'm happy the volunteer "photography gig" I had on Sunday is over and a majority of the photos came out.
I'm happy that I have an extended road trip weekend to look forward to soon with my best friends.

But I gotta be honest and maybe a little too over share-y here, but I am having more trouble thank I thought I would dealing with my grief. My kid sister always reminds me that there are apparently seven stages of the grieving process. I have no idea what stage I'm in or which one(s) I've made it through. I think I might look for a book or something to see how one is "supposed" to deal with loss. I've been lucky this week and not had a crying jag in public. But I do spend my evenings altering between tearing up and outright weeping. I thought I had convinced myself that I was okay with mom's death but it's obvious that I'm not. It will be six months on October first.

"Coronation Street" makes me weep. I cries during of all things!!! "Dancing with the Stars" and don't ask me for a list of commercials that turn the taps on. *sigh* I don't want to hurt anymore. I don't want to find myself reaching for the phone to call her. But I don't want to NOT think about mom either. I'm also getting worked up about the fast approaching holidays. I am NOT looking forward to Christmas this year. Will I ever again? It all sucks! Gonna stop thinking about it for now. So, to keep functioning, I MUST keep thinking of the things that make me happy. And I am happy right now that I have some pretty cool RL and LJ & DW friends! You're all pretty special people.

Now I think a long hot shower and a mini-melt down is in order. Huh, I'm actually happy that I'm going to go and cry in the shower. Now what's on tv tonight that can keep the tears coming.

Thanks for being out there you guys.
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...and I feel like the pits." ba-dum-ba Got up on the wrong side of the morning today I think. Walking to work I started wondering what the heck do I had to be happy about. Life sucks yadda yadda yadda and I wondered why life has handed me the hand it did. *sigh*

But I know that:
I'm happy when I think of my friends.
I'm happy when I'm doing creative things.
I'm happy when my cats are sitting by the front door when I come home.
I'm happy when I find forgotten change in my pocket.
I'm happy when I buy a vanilla latte.

What makes you happy?
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How much do I LOVE my job? Let's see....
Being called a "fucking bitch" on my very last call of the day..........
I hope the puswad's dick falls off in a freakishly painful accident.
Yep, yep, yep, I love my menial dead-end job so much I want to marry it.
That or weep, or drink until I can't see straight, or, or, or.....*sigh*
Hope my flist had/is having/will have a better hump-day than I just did.
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Why the hell didn't I know The Choir: Boys Don't Sing existed?
The series is running on the Knowledge Network and they're already in the second season. Does that mean I've missed the entire first?

Off the "K" website: Choirmaster Gareth Malone faces his ultimate challenge at Leicester's Lancaster Boy's School. With 1,250 rowdy teenage lads who think joining a choir just isn't cool, it's up to Gareth to get the whole school singing and put in place a musical legacy that will last for years.

I'm not a huge 'reality tv' fan but....all those British school boys with their jackets and ties, huge vocabulary are killing me!!!
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Oh, I find it so exciting to stumble upon things that heighten the thrill of one's favourite 'hobby'! Don't you?!?

I -arrogantly perhaps- have never taken much time to study the bodies of work of many past or present noted photographers. (the exception maybe being the quirky but brilliant Ansel Adams)
I am familiar with some past and contemporary names, but not nearly as many as I should be.

Today I read this quote by Imogen Cunningham (who - why the hell didn't I know of before today???)
She's photographed Frida Kahlo, Gertrude Stein, Martha Graham, Spencer Tracy, worked with and photographed Ansel Adams and the list goes on.

The Quote: "Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow."

Isn't that brilliant? That just says it all for me. That is the reason I have my camera with me everywhere I go. I guess too that is why I have banker boxes of film negatives, and now GBs of images parked on an external hard drive. It's what keeps most photographers shooting, I think.

So I'm going to add the study of past and present photographers and their styles to my enjoyment of this exciting hobby of mine. This quote has kicked my craving to learn new things into high gear.

Have you ever been (re)inspired out of the blue to immerse yourself deeply into your passion(s)?

All I can say is do so with wild abandon!
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Well now... I LOVED the original - yes I'm old enough to have seen it in it's first run.

But this? This looks like it might actually be as AWESOMELY tongue-in-cheek good at the original!

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My D60 keeps throwing a disturbing error message every time I press the shutter!
And is effing everything up!
I cannot afford a $200. repair bill nor can I afford to be without my camera for 6-8 weeks while Nikon scratches it's collective arse head wondering how to fix it. *grrrrr!!!!*
So, I'm off to surf the net to see if there are any home-grown fixes out there.
Has anyone ever got this message: "Error. Press shutter release button again." What did you do????
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It is/it would have been mom's birthday today.
A friend said that 'the firsts without them' are the hardest.
The first Mother's Day was pretty crappy without her.
This birthday is going to be very difficult without her.
I guess Christmas is going to be the next big date to get through without her.
My birthday next year is going to be horrible without her.
But I guess I shouldn't look that far into a future without her.
Life goes on after someone dies, but a lot differently.
Happy Birthday Mom. I just wish it didn't have to be the first one without you.
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God bless Air Canada and 'stand-by seating'.
I was able to be at her bedside when mom passed away yesterday.
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...until I was a passenger in a car accident today. AND on my birthday to boot. :o( Cheese & Crackers!!!! (Do four cars smooshed together classify as a 'pile-up'?)
Gonna go and take a hot shower to ease the neck and shoulder pain now.
Sad freckles is sad. And damn sore. *sniffle* I want my mommy
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File under cool _ 40 dance scenes set to "Footloose" _ http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1940632